IMAGINE THIS¬†– You have just spent 3-6 months interviewing to fill a critical position. You have found the “perfect” candidate. The offer has been made and accepted. You breathe a sigh of relief and gear up to move forward. Then your phone rings and your superstar candidate informs you that he/she has chosen to stay with their current employer.


Your perfect candidate accepted a counteroffer. This situation can usually be prevented…by you! Do you know when to talk with a candidate about counteroffers during the interview process?

My recommendation is that you ask them about the liklihood of receiving and accepting a counteroffer towards the end of the first interview (if you feel that this is a viable candidate). Just ask, “Would you accept a counteroffer from your present employer?”. The ONLY acceptable answer is an absolute “NO”.

Please remember that NO doesn’t always mean NO, but asking about a counteroffer during the first interview is a great way to check the candidate’s seriousness. It is also a great way to probe for the “pain” at their current job. It has been my experience that the more pain a candidate has, the less likely he/she will accept a counteroffer. I also suggest that you bring up the subject of resignation during the 2nd and 3rd interviews as well. This helps to ensure that nothing has changed and your candidate is still planning on moving forward.

Another very effective question you might ask your candidates is, “What would you like to see in your next position that you don’t have now?”. If the candidate cannot give you at least 3 areas of dissatisfaction (not including money), this candidate would likely accept a counteroffer. If this occurs, find more candidates immediately!!!

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