When last we were in touch, we discussed how a counteroffer can be counterproductive to landing your perfect candidate. We also came to the conclusion that it is in your best interest to keep asking the candidate throughout the interview process about the possibility of accepting a counteroffer. We also agreed that the only acceptable answer is an unequivocal NO!


Now that you’ve received the “NO” you wanted to hear, you’ve made the job offer and your candidate has responded with an acceptance. However, now is not the time to rest. The threat of a counteroffer still looms until your candidate actually shows up for work. So – how do you prevent a counteroffer at this point in the process?

I have discovered that one effective method is to share the ugly truth about counteroffers with candidates. While a counteroffer may look like an enticement, it is actually a road to ruin. It rarely benefits the candidate and statistics show that over 80% of employees who accept counteoffers are out of the company within 3-6 months. Why does this happen? It’s simple! By seeking another job, interviewing on company time and playing the “they want me but I’m staying with you” ploy, an employee has already shown disloyalty and underhanded tactics. Let’s face it – the only reason a counteroffer is made in the first place is that it is not a convenient time for the employer to lose, and deal with replacing, your candidate.


So tell your candidate that if the urge to accept a counteroffer hits him, let the urge pass and keep cleaning out his desk. Counteroffers are the road to career ruin.

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