Employer of Choice

Attracting top talent

Contributed by David Peterson
Direct Recruiters, Inc.

Each year Fortune Magazine publishes the 100 best places to work in America. If your company makes the list, you are considered an Employer of Choice. In the world of recruiting, the term Employer of Choice is used to designate a company that, because of its reputation, is always a first choice for the best and brightest.

Attracting top talent is one of the most obvious and most important advantages to being an Employer of Choice. An organization needs good people to produce a quality product. If your company truly believes that employees are your #1 asset, then you need to focus on becoming an Employer of Choice.

There are many advantages to having the status of Employer of Choice:

• Retention rates are high for current employees
• Attracting quality talent is easy
• Customers are attracted by positive image
• PR is readily available and company is shown in a favorable light
• Brand(s) and logo are widely recognized by the public

Becoming an Employer of Choice usually doesn’t happen overnight. It is a commitment and process that must be start at the top and subsequently be supported by all organizational levels including a “buy-in” from the employees.

Some first steps to becoming an Employer of Choice:

• Analyze firms that have recently begun or successfully completed the transition to Employer of Choice
• Examine current standing, status and perception of your company
• Begin an internal assessment. In this case, call it a gap analysis. Measure where you are now and where you want to go and decide what you need to up-grade in order to get there
• Develop a list of program elements, including employee benefit programs, that will help you achieve your goal
• Obtain employee feedback
• Hire the best consultants that can coach you along the way

While becoming an Employer of Choice may not land your company on next year’s Fortune 100 list, there is no doubt it will attract world class candidates and in turn have a direct impact on your bottom line.

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