2006 is Poised for Growth

2006 A year of great expectations.

Contributed by Shel Myeroff CPC, President
Direct Recruiters, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio
January 2006

Direct Recruiters, Inc. is forecasting that 2006 will bring a hotbed of activity in RFID, Mobile Enterprise, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Material Handling, and Software Solutions especially for WMS, ERP, and MRP.

RFID is moving toward an investment explosion. The momentum can be attributed to the fact that companies are beginning to discover RFID value in places where they cannot use bar coding. In addition, the industry is closer to creating consistent standards and compliances. According to the Gartner Group, Global Analyst Firm, RFID spending totaled $504m in 2005 and is expected to grow again to $751m in 2006. At DRI, the request to fill RFID job openings is at an all time high. We expect the demand for RFID professionals to skyrocket.

Better wireless technologies are paving the way for a richer Mobile Computing future. Studies show that notebooks, handheld devices and industry specific application software are the fastest growing segments. Although we can’t report any earth-shattering new technologies at present, there are quite a few things that already are making mobile computing better than before. DRI’s job searches have been on the increase in Mobile Enterprise and companies are not only looking to add staff but also develop new territories.

The US will remain the largest consumer of Pharmaceutical Packaging as its advanced drug-producing sector introduces new sophisticated therapies with specialized packaging needs. In fact, blister packaging will offer the best growth opportunities. We, at DRI, expect to see more job orders in this area as the year progresses.

The US $20 billion dollar industry of Material Handling is experiencing a high demand for capital equipment. Equipment such as industrial trucks and lifts, conveyors, hoists, and cranes will remain dominant. This demand has yielded a greater need for Sales Managers, Engineers and Sales Reps. DRI has helped many companies build these teams and ultimately pave new territories.

Software development and sales are on the rise especially for WMS, ERP and MRP. This is the first good news we’ve had to report about software in years. Software developers and sales departments are sharing their excitement with us and are looking for all types of solid professionals to meet this growth.

Overall, 2006 will be a year of great expectations. Based on the above industry information as well as an increase in the request for DRI services, we are gearing up for a happy new year and wish you the same!