Shaun Priest, Chief Revenue Officer, Clearwave

“Mike, Jillian, and the entire DRI team exceeded my expectations! DRI’s expertise in Healthcare IT is evident in their recruitment of top tier sales executives. For me, the weekly calls are invaluable! We’re able to discuss open positions, candidates, and next steps. Additionally, we share market updates as DRI is the “Tip of the Sword” of what is going on in our industry! When working with DRI, I know that we will have success in finding, hiring, and retaining top sales talent. The team at DRI are industry experts that listen to my requirements and then find those top tier candidates that match. Not only do they match skills and experience, but culture too. To retain quality candidates, culture matters. DRI gets that. Often, we would turn down a candidate because they may be a fit on paper but they’re not a cultural fit and vice versa. Right now, we are in an extremely tight labor market, and DRI understands the importance of securing strong talent. Mike, Jillian, and the rest of DRI – thank you for your hard work in uncovering top sales talent!”