Scott Boyden – SVP, Sales & Marketing, Streamline HEALTH

“It is with great pleasure that I fully endorse the work of Mike Silverstein. He has been instrumental in helping us quickly locate great talent, those individuals who not only have

the requisite skill sets but those rare individuals who possess the soft skills, teamwork orientation, and passion for what they do. Unlike many recruiters, I never felt like Mike put his interests above mine

in trying to ‘force a fit’ or convince me to accept someone that I didn’t feel was an optimal match. In recruiting high talent, it is important to me to work with a true professional where complete collaboration and urgency exists. I also have the piece of mind in knowing that if I need Mike and his team to help me during negotiations, I fully trust them to execute in this critical area.

In this new economy especially within a small growing business, we are trying to do more with less. Finding great partners who are skilled at what they do, deliver results, and operate with complete transparency and integrity are difficult to find. I feel like I have found this with Mike. I hesitate to offer this recommendation only because he’s a rare find and for selfish reasons I hope he never becomes too busy to find time for my next search.”