Philip Borchert – Senior Software Engineer, Cornerstone Automation (CASI)

“Joshua Olgin is the real deal. During my last layoff I had the opportunity to work with a handful of recruiters but none of them were even in the same league as Joshua. He wasn’t out to make the quick buck, he wanted to ensure that whoever he placed with the companies he was placing for were happy with them and they were happy with whom he placed. He worked carefully with me to explain everything that would be happening and even helped me with some special tips and pointers on the interview. He always addressed not only my concerns but the concerns of my family as well. He even took time to explain things to my wife and answer any questions she had. He worked with the company to even get plane tickets for my son to come and visit Texas so he could “help” with the finding of our new home. Joshua continues to check in on me and offer any assistance I might need.”