M.B. – Candidate

"I first came to know Josh in 2014 when I was searching for the next step in my career, after 15+ years spread across two previous positions. I was immediately struck by Josh's approach and how it differed from all the other recruiters that were eager to show me their opportunities. He didn't just bury me in a mountain of leads that I would have to sift through and research; instead, Josh took the time to talk to me about my career and life goals. We talked about my personal and professional interests, geographic areas I liked, expected compensation, different roles that I would be comfortable pursuing, and what kind of advancement I was expecting--everything about my *specific* job-search that was important to me--before we ever talked about any particular company or position. I really appreciated that systemic approach as it helped me quickly identify the right opportunities and I was glad to see that Josh was doing his best to fulfill the employer's expectations while still considering my needs. It can't be easy to manage that line between the employer's and the candidate's best interests, but I was happy to have Josh involved because I knew I could trust him to be fair and empathic with everyone involved. In the end, I took that next step in my career, and I think it was an excellent match for everyone involved. I keep in touch with Josh even now 6-years later; mostly to refer new graduates or industry vets looking for a change, but also to bounce ideas off him and get his insights. Thanks Josh! I really appreciate your professionalism and the pride you take in doing a good job!"