Lisa Soltz, VP of Implementation Services, Quil

"Steve reached out to me on LinkedIn and ask set up a quick introductory chat. I was just at the start of thinking about what might be next in my career, and I didn't expect much beyond a chance to connect with a recruiter. Within 15 minutes, it was very clear to me that Steve was a really good human that took his role creating the right match between person and role very seriously - while also making the process fun and personable. I quickly realized that he has a deep understanding of the landscape of healthcare IT, and he understood exactly what I was looking for in my next leap. By the end of the call, he had two opportunities in front of me to explore and little more than a week later I had my first interview for the position I am currently in. He moved quickly with answering questions, prepped me effectively for the various interviews, gave me feedback on my final presentation, and was a joy to work with along the way. I have already passed Steve's name along to so many others!"