Joshua Elvert – Business Development Manager, PRC Clinical

“For me the whole entire experience the DRI team was just excellent. I was able to work with DRI from the client perspective looking for support in our recruiting efforts, and then also from a candidate perspective. From the client perspective I think that it was just top notch all around and very understood what we were looking for from a skill level but also from a company culture perspective. The level of communication and the way things were discussed and communicated was very to the point with dedicated components. Communication was flawless throughout. Something else I would mention about DRI, is when I started at my new company they had made it a point to reach out to me personally the day I started to wish me well on my first day. Working with DRI never felt like it was about volumes of deals that can be brought placing candidates at companies or a transactional type of relationship. The experience felt very much integrated and partnered rather than client business. I know full well anytime someone is looking for a job I will be recommending DRI.”