Jessica Gentit – Director of Human Resources, Idaho Milk Products

In our CEO search, we were looking to fill the role with someone to set the tone for the entire company, with industry knowledge, integrity, and leadership, who could take us to the next level. For such an instrumental and integral position in our company, we expanded our search efforts past our regular executive search firm. After contacting several firms, Cherie Shepard at Direct Recruiters stood out above the rest and really took the time to understand our needs. Cherie was willing to take on the challenge of filling the CEO role, knowing that she might be focusing her whole team on the project, and that’s what we look for in a consultative executive search firm.

Throughout the process working with Direct Recruiters, I was most impressed with the constant and in-depth communication we were provided. Cherie always had our best interest at heart to make sure we found the right candidate and took the time to get to know our company culture from the start, which was very important. She blew us away with her approach and genuinely cared about taking the time to understand our company, the role, and our needs.
Three top reasons I would recommend using Direct Recruiters for high level searches like our CEO search, would be:

1. Ability to adapt quickly. With our unique industry, Cherie was quick to get to know what we were looking for and our industry, which she exceled at because of her communication and dedication to us.

2. Personable communication. It never felt like we were just one of many clients. Communication was efficient, responsive, personable, and we always got the attention we needed from the DRI team.

3. Forward thinking. Cherie constantly went through the strides to prepare us. We had frequent updates from her and she was always ahead of it!

Overall, working with Direct Recruiters for our CEO role was a professional, delightful and insightful experience. We had so much success with DRI that we will continue to use Cherie and the DRI team for our future high-level positions.