Jaria Dawson, Candidate

“I have worked with a couple recruiters at DRI and they’re both great to work with. They went above and beyond to make sure that I got everything that I needed and all my questions answered. I was most pleased with their response and follow-up time. I never had any questions about where I was in the process or what needed to be done. They both made sure I was prepared for all milestones of the process by sending me emails on how to prep interviews, information about the position and company, as well as info on how to resign… any and everything I needed. I would absolutely recommend them to others and have recommended them, again, because DRI has great people. They are very nice, friendly, open, honest, and candid about the process, where we were, or if there were going to be any complications or delays. I really enjoyed working with them throughout the process and would reach out to them again if need be.”