Greg Miller – Senior Vice President, Health Catalyst

“I’ve been recruiting talent in the healthcare information technology industry for more than 25 years and have worked with many recruiters over that period of time. In today’s high growth HIT environment, I get between ten and fifteen calls/emails from various recruiters each week, pitching me on their latest “#1” candidate who they are sure will be a perfect fit for me, my team and my company. Fortunately, I never get calls like that from Mike Silverstein. Instead, I go to Mike when I have a recruiting need because he listens. Mike has been a trusted resource for me when I am in need of additional talent because he is not focused on pushing or selling candidates, rather his focus is on understanding my needs first, researching candidates extensively, screening candidates appropriately, managing candidates proactively throughout the hiring process and conscientiously following up to ensure my satisfaction. Mike also blends the appropriate mix of contact frequency with knowing when contact isn’t appropriate. There are many recruiters that have been in the business longer than Mike, but they’d do themselves some good to follow his lead.”