Donna Jack – SPHR, Vice President, Human Resources, M* Modal

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mike Silverstein for the past three years. As a professional recruiter, Mike is excellent. I had such a high confidence level in his abilities that Mike became the only recruiter we worked with on sales, marketing, operations and account management opportunities. I credit Mike with a significant number of successes we had at M* Modal in the area of talent acquisition.
Mike worked as a business partner to me and other executives within our company. He was always focused on finding the right person for our open roles. He told me that in order to have a successful long term relationship with us, he had to find the best people. He took pride in that.
I turned to Mike on a number of occasions to discuss business issues relative to talent acquisition. I never hesitated and was proud to have Mike speak directly with our CEO, COO, or VP of Sales regarding his activities and candidates.
Mike has an impressive knowledge of our industry and outstanding knowledge of the “key players” including their status, whereabouts, and interests. Mike is tenacious; he follows-up and sees matters through to the end.
Mike is a pleasure to work with. He is smart, realistic, well-spoken, confident, and professional.
I am happy to further discuss my experience with Mike Silverstein. Please do not hesitate to contact me.”