Denny Kryder – VP of Sales, Vistage Worldwide

“There were a number of things that caught my attention from the very first interaction with DRI recruiters. Their interpersonal skillset is exceedingly good, they related to me on a personal level as well as a very professional level, but were also very interested in what was important to me as an individual and seemed to never lose sight of that. DRI has been exceedingly responsive and equal parts proactive. I always felt very comfortable giving them feedback and they listened to understand more and more what I was looking for. Without question I would recommend the DRI team. I have had a unique position of being both the candidate and hiring manager for DRI and they were beyond professional with me on both sides of that equation. I think DRI clearly instills some very strict and stringent expectations on their team members, and that is very reflective of the organizational structure and leadership.”