C. H. – Regional Sales Manager, Manufacturer of Ruggedized PC’s

“David Peterson received my name through a referral. When he contacted me I was not looking to make a move but once he pitched the Regional Sales Manager position for the largest supplier of ruggedized PC’s, it sounded like a great fit and exactly what I wanted to do in the future. My thought was why wait if the future was presenting itself now. David coached me prior to the interview process but I also did my own homework and preparation to get the edge. Ultimately the company made an offer and I accepted. The position is very accurate to what David presented and about 90% of what I thought it would be. Overall, working with David has been a very positive experience which surprised me. Usually I turn recruiters away but David’s approach was different. He was helpful not pushy. He went the extra mile and even worked after hours on my behalf. I’m glad I took the time to listen to David’s pitch and I would work with him and Direct Recruiters again in the future.”