Alex Holzhausen, Strategic Account Manager – Rockwell Automation

“Joe is a sincere, honest, and overall great guy to work with. He always makes sure he’s available for candidates to ask questions and is committed to positioning them for success, so that your very best self shines through throughout the interview process. I’ve worked with many other recruiters who have limited to no invested interest in the candidate; that is not the case with Joe. Joe unselfishly commits himself 100% to understanding your goals, and what you need to be successful, and goes above and beyond to positions himself as a true advocate for you, as he works to find the right candidate/client fit. He communicates transparently and attentively — and wholeheartedly — listens to feedback, both good and bad. I have Joe’s cellphone in my contact list, because he is genuinely one of the few recruiters out there who I can always count on. He is a true professional in an industry crowded with opportunists. Thank you, Joe, for raising the bar for the industry and your peers!”