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Steve Martin, the newest addition to the Direct Recruiters team, is taking on the crucial role of Payroll Coordinator. With a robust background in payroll operations, Steve brings a wealth of experience and expertise to support the company's payroll processes for employees. Steve's payroll journey spans from small businesses with a handful of employees to large corporations with several hundred, showcasing his versatility in handling diverse payroll scenarios. His proficiency extends to managing multi-state and international payrolls, covering regions from Canada to Europe. Steve possesses an in-depth understanding of tax regulations, state requirements, and intricate banking workflows, including ACH/wires and adeptly troubleshooting deposit issues.

Notably, Steve has had the unique opportunity to process payroll for a few celebrities, although their identities remain confidential. This additional layer of experience underscores his professionalism and adaptability, contributing to the dynamic payroll landscape at Direct Recruiters. A proud graduate of Cleveland State University with a degree in Communications, Steve combines his educational background with hands-on experience, ensuring precision and efficiency in payroll coordination.

Beyond the professional realm, Steve is a passionate board game enthusiast who revels in hosting game nights with friends. His interests extend to tabletop miniatures games, ranging from Star Wars to Warhammer 40k, as well as indulging in the Pokémon trading card game, Dungeons and Dragons, and video games.

Residing in Cleveland with his fiancé, Briana, and their three feline companions—Noodle, Pepper, and Mochi—Steve finds joy in the company of loved ones. As an accomplished Eagle Scout, Steve brings dedication and a strong sense of leadership to all aspects of his life. In addition to his outdoor achievements, he also dabbles in stand-up comedy and acting, showcasing a vibrant personality. With his wedding day approaching on April 20th, 2024, Steve looks forward to celebrating both personal and professional milestones, adding a touch of excitement to the Direct Recruiters team.

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