IT Specialist

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As an IT Specialist at Direct Recruiters, Inc., Austin’s primary focus revolves around providing technical support to recruiters and staff members. He excels in troubleshooting issues related to software or hardware and is dedicated to offering comprehensive training materials and literature to ensure everyone is proficient in utilizing IT tools and systems effectively. With over a decade of experience in the IT field, Austin has fostered a deep-seated passion for technology since childhood.

His most recent role at CWRU enriched his expertise in ADS/Azure AD management and expanded his knowledge of administratively managing Windows 10/11, as well as Apple and Linux computers. Austin is an alumnus of Shaker Heights Schools and holds an Associate’s Art Degree in IT with a concentration in Network Technology from both Tri-C and the University of Phoenix. Currently pursuing Network+ and Security+ CompTIA certifications, he is committed to continuous professional development.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Austin finds joy in videogames and sports, particularly as an avid fan of Cleveland sports teams. His enduring love for gaming, especially the Zelda series, dates back to early childhood, with gaming being a lifelong passion. Occasionally, Austin engages with his community by live streaming challenging and horror videogames on Twitch ( Known for his positivity, Austin firmly believes in maintaining an “always be learning” mindset.

In his personal life, Austin cherishes his role as a parent to two wonderful children, Ari (16 She/Her) and Tyler (13 He/Him).