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Shel Myeroff, Founder & CEO Names Managing Partners

Recognized as search industry thought-leaders and innovators, Dan Charney and David Peterson have been named Managing Partners of Direct Recruiters, Inc. (DRI). Shel Myeroff, CEO & Founder of DRI formally announced the new alliance and stated that “Dan Charney and David Peterson are highly sought after human capital experts and greatly respected by their peers. Through their hard work, dedication, and tenure at DRI, they have raised the bar for our industry and have helped to position our company for future growth and move us to the next level. You can expect big things out of DRI for years to come.”

Charney and Peterson will expand DRI’s services, practices, and reputation as one of the leading industry search firms. In addition, they will manage the day-to-day operations of DRI including hiring, training and development of staff. They will also enhance the executive level search program and manage a team of researchers and recruiting consultants in order to better serve clients.

Dan Charney has been with DRI for 7 years and his specialty area is Supply Chain Automation. He is a member of AIM, IOPP, MHIA, and RFID Tribe. He contributes his expertise to industry trade journals and has been published in Material Handling Management, Food & Drug Packaging Magazine and the MHIA Newsletter, e-Mhove.

David Peterson recently celebrated his sixth anniversary with DRI and his focus remains on Supply Chain Automation and Enterprise Mobility. He is a member of AIM and RFID Tribe. He has been cited in various industry journals including Mobile Enterprise Magazine.

If you wish to congratulate them: Dan Charney 216-464-5570 x110 / David Peterson 216-464-5570 x111 /