The Millennials (Part II)

Attracting & Recruiting Generation Next 

In the first article of this 3-part series regarding the Millennial Generation, I encouraged our audience of resellers, systems integrators, manufacturers, and distributors to prepare for the invasion of nearly 80 million new age thinkers and the inevitable changes they will bring to the workplace. These highly skilled and tech-savvy professionals are slated to replace the Baby Boomers as our next managers, executives, and leaders. That makes them indispensable. That’s not hyperbole but reality!

This second article is dedicated to attracting and recruiting the Millennials. By now, hiring managers who have studied them at even a cursory level are aware that Boomers and Millennials are worlds apart regarding their career goals and employment expectations. Millennials have new definitions for work environment, success, training, leadership, and company culture. Therefore, using the same old Boomer recruiting strategies and tactics won’t work to attract Millennials. So, what will turn their heads?

For starters, you need to know that company culture is a key aspect of their job search criteria. That means your organization might need to make some internal changes in areas that are important to Millennials. By adding some of these hot buttons, you can begin to position your organization as an employer of choice:

? Work/Life Balance: Offer a good quality of life, benefits, and flexibility, not only in terms of time but also in the way that Millennials may approach their jobs.
? Reward Hard Work: Be prepared to create reward programs. Let them know that hard work gets recognized and that extra efforts won’t go unnoticed.
? Respect Opinions: Don’t treat new employees as low entry level workers. Encourage open and regular communication and embrace fresh ideas and new perspectives.
? Quick Advancements: Millennials are ready to hit the ground running so develop a track for success. Don’t expect them to spend years providing support to superiors.
? Fun Work Environment: Creative work environments produce happy workers. Take some of the “stuffy” out of your office by replacing it with festive events. Look for ideas on the Web and visit sites such as which lists 16 ways to bring fun into the workplace.
? Social Purpose: Show how your company makes a difference in the community and cares about the environment. Millennials like to work for altruistic and “green” organizations.

Next, you have to reach the Millennials where they live, in virtual and human worlds. Remember they are technically literate like no other generation before. So gone are the days when company job fairs, classified ads, and job postings were enough to attract the best and brightest. Now you need to combine these traditional efforts with innovative technology
strategies. Companies using such communication techniques as text messaging, blogging, and podcasting are capturing attention. Here are specific ways to reach Millennials while being perceived as leading-edge:

? MySpace Page: Create a quality page or advertisement describing your company’s career opportunities.
? Facebook: Network where Millennials like to do their social networking. Some Millennials spend several hours a day on both MySpace and Facebook.
? LinkedIn: While this is considered another social network, it is most effective in reaching professionals at all levels in various industries. According to the book, Electronic Recruiting 101 by Shally Steckerl, about half of LinkedIn users opt to learn about career opportunities through this network. Furthermore, many of these candidates are not active on regular job boards.
? Update Company “Career” Page: Include a Career Opportunities Page as part of your firm’s website. Make sure the Career page as well as your entire website is well-designed and maintained. Your site should be inviting, make a good impression and serve as an effective employment tool.
? Publish Your IM Address: This demonstrates your desire to communicate with Millennials in a manner in which they are accustomed.
? Text Message Campaigns: Invite candidates to job events and other career networking opportunities through text messaging. Ask them to forward the message to their colleagues.
? Career Webinars: This allows candidates from all over the world to learn about your company and ask questions in a very contemporary way.
? Consider Accepting Video Resumes. Millennials are very comfortable in front of the camera and are opting to submit their resume in video form. However, in the book Millennials Incorporated by Lisa Orrell, there’s a warning attached to this new job application tool. Candidates could claim discrimination based on your ability to see their gender, age, race, etc. Check with your legal department prior to accepting video resumes.

No doubt, to attract and recruit this new group entering the workforce will be challenging for all employers. You need to have new tricks in your bag. Exploring and implementing creative recruiting strategies is a good start. However, the key to continued success is in understanding the attitudes and expectations of the Millennials as well as being sensitive to their needs. Accomplish this, and your company will survive and moreover, thrive.

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