Desirable Candidates Could be Saying

Based on Your Web Site

Submitted by Direct Recruiters, Inc.
August 2006

Your company website could mean the difference between landing the candidate of your choice and losing them. According to a survey conducted by, a business solutions provider for companies and careers, 90% of job seekers visit corporate websites before making their decision about where they want to work. About one of four job seekers reject potential employers based on their web sites and one of two job seekers said that a company’s web site was a factor when considering their next career move.

Despite investing large amounts of money into website design, companies often forget to consider the job candidate. This is a serious recruiting mistake since today the Web is one of the most popular ways to attract talent.

From our experience, here’s what recruited candidates want to see on your site:

 Sizzle & Steak. Provide more information about your company and the industries you serve. Offer testimonials from renowned customers.

 Detailed Offerings. Include a page with detailed information about your products and services and include photos where applicable.

 Breaking News. All too often, old news releases are left out on the site. This gives the impression that nothing new or exciting is happening at your company. Make sure to maintain your site and keep company news fresh and interesting.

 Who’s Who. It’s always important for candidates to know more about those who run your organization. Include brief bios with head shots so the candidate can become familiar with your team.

 Different from the Pack. Make your site as memorable and different from what’s out there. Leave a lasting impression.

What action can you take immediately? Make time to log on to your own site today. But don’t do it as a company employee, but instead put yourself in the shoes of a prospective candidate. Does your site meet the above criteria? Would you want to work for this company based on what you see? In addition, take time to visit your competition’s site(s). How do they stack up against yours? Is there something you can learn from theirs?

It’s clear that the Web plays a key role in today’s recruitment process. Thus, don’t allow top talent to judge your company based on web pages alone or even in part. A site that is easy to read, sophisticated and full of solid and useful information will capture and hold the attention of desirable candidates.

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