Creating a Fun Workplace

Winter 2002

At Direct Recruiters, Inc. we’ve seen a number of growing companies incorporate “fun” into the workplace. And why not? An enjoyable corporate climate can have a positive effect on all aspects of business, from recruiting and retention to productivity and profitability to marketing and sales.

Livening up your business with fun perks not only motivates employees, but their enjoyment within the company will spill over to the outside world in the form of better service.

But what constitutes fun at one company could totally flop at another. In addition, one business may have a big budget for festivities while another may need to entertain without spending a penny. To help inspire you to create your own unique formula for fun, we have gathered some innovative ways to enliven your corporate culture.

  • Close up shop once per quarter to take your staff to a matinee
  • Invent award presentations that are not cookie-cutter. For example, consider creating a bulletin board devoted to each reward recipient and ask for written contributions from the entire staff
  • Start each day with a motivational message or joke
  • Hire high school students to wash the employees’ cars in the parking lot
  • Have a monthly catered lunch or host an outdoor cookout
  • Provide daily supplies of soda, juice, snacks, candy, etc.
  • Incorporate drawings. Give your employees a chance to win fun stuff including tickets to local events or gift certificates to restaurants, shopping malls or health spa
  • Offer travel if you can. Consider awarding a Caribbean cruise or a Las Vegas Weekend
  • Orchestrate some offbeat holidays to encourage offbeat workplace celebrations. How about National Sports Day or Willie Nelson’s Birthday?

Far greater than the cost of these investments is the value of employee loyalty and increased productivity you can get in return. Therefore, Direct Recruiters advises you to let the good times roll.