Bold Recruiting Strategies for Today’s Economic Climate

Recruiting and hiring during normal economic periods is often challenging but in an economic downturn there’s a tendency to cut back on recruiting efforts making it even more difficult to locate and land top talent. From our experience, firms that are still willing to allot time and resources to implement some of the following bold recruiting strategies will take the lead and be the ones to watch in the future:

? Strengthen Company Branding. Even in an economic slowdown, it’s important to stay in front of clients as well as prospective hires. Increased visibility builds trust and confidence that your company is solid. Ways to stay visible include increased media coverage, increased on-line presence and touting any “green” products and services you offer.

? Revitalize Company Website. Your website is one of the most popular ways to attract talent. In fact, according to a survey conducted by, a business solutions provider for companies and careers, 90% of job seekers visit corporate websites before making their decision about where they want to work. Dull & outdated websites can turn prospective employees away.

? Utilize Video. Companies can demonstrate their passion & excitement about why candidates should join their company by posting an infomercial or video on their website as well as other social media forums such as YouTube.

? Seek Innovators and Game Changers. It’s a new day and your company can no longer afford to hire people that think inside the box. Innovative employees create innovative products and services which in turn gain high-visibility and the competitive edge.

? Strengthen Your Offer. Shaky economic news can strike fear in the hearts of employed individuals and thus, they may be apprehensive and even resistant to leaving their current employer. Revisit your pitch and job offer so as to calm the nervous candidate and reassure them that they are safe in making a change and joining your firm.

? Revisit Internal Processes. Hiring managers need to take this time to review some internal processes that add value to recruiting efforts including on-boarding practices, employee retention efforts, and developing workforce plans in order to more accurately anticipate and prepare for future needs.

? Use Reputable Search Firms. Well established and reputable search firms can help you sift through the traffic jam of resumes currently found on job boards such as Monster and Career Builder. Remember just because there’s quantity that doesn’t mean there’s quality. Search firms utilize tools and resources that go beyond the resume to find a perfect match between employer and candidate.