Denny Kryder – VP of Sales, Vistage Worldwide

“There were a number of things that caught my attention from the very first interaction with DRI recruiters. Their interpersonal skillset is exceedingly good, they related to me on a personal level as well as a very professional level, but were also very interested in what was important to me as an individual and seemed to never lose sight of that. DRI has been exceedingly responsive and equal parts proactive. I always felt very comfortable giving them feedback and they listened to understand more and more what I was looking for. Without question I would recommend the DRI team. I have had a unique position of being both the candidate and hiring manager for DRI and they were beyond professional with me on both sides of that equation. I think DRI clearly instills some very strict and stringent expectations on their team members, and that is very reflective of the organizational structure and leadership.”

Scott DeMell, VP, Sales

“DRI had a great ability to listen to what we were looking for and develop the right understanding of the position to put into consideration for the search. They gave us a great rundown of the process and pricing, stayed on top of things on both sides, while also making connections in the industry. They not only understood our commission structure, but bought into it to help us position it well. The process of working with DRI was overall a good experience.”

Joshua Elvert – Business Development Manager, PRC Clinical

“For me the whole entire experience the DRI team was just excellent. I was able to work with DRI from the client perspective looking for support in our recruiting efforts, and then also from a candidate perspective. From the client perspective I think that it was just top notch all around and very understood what we were looking for from a skill level but also from a company culture perspective. The level of communication and the way things were discussed and communicated was very to the point with dedicated components. Communication was flawless throughout. Something else I would mention about DRI, is when I started at my new company they had made it a point to reach out to me personally the day I started to wish me well on my first day. Working with DRI never felt like it was about volumes of deals that can be brought placing candidates at companies or a transactional type of relationship. The experience felt very much integrated and partnered rather than client business. I know full well anytime someone is looking for a job I will be recommending DRI.”

Greg Baitt, Candidate

“I would highly recommend DRI to others. They were very thorough, professional and good at their jobs. DRI knew exactly what the client was looking for and approached me with a position I was very interested in, so I knew they had done their homework in that regard. DRI was very helpful throughout the process and I was impressed with the resources they provided, such as the candidate preparation DRI videos.”

Jeff Coffman, Candidate

“DRI is very thorough. I was able to get a position in the eclinical/clinical trials industry with their ability to get to know me, my skills, and my experience and present me based off of that. DRI does a very good job and is strong with positioning the right people to prospective employers especially when moving outside of an industry. I give them kudos because my interactions with them were refreshing in a world that you could get frustrated with recruiters. DRI should be the gold standard recruitment firms hold.”

Jaria Dawson, Candidate

“I have worked with a couple recruiters at DRI and they’re both great to work with. They went above and beyond to make sure that I got everything that I needed and all my questions answered. I was most pleased with their response and follow-up time. I never had any questions about where I was in the process or what needed to be done. They both made sure I was prepared for all milestones of the process by sending me emails on how to prep interviews, information about the position and company, as well as info on how to resign… any and everything I needed. I would absolutely recommend them to others and have recommended them, again, because DRI has great people. They are very nice, friendly, open, honest, and candid about the process, where we were, or if there were going to be any complications or delays. I really enjoyed working with them throughout the process and would reach out to them again if need be.”

Peggy Fryer – Candidate

“The DRI team exceeded my expectations! They are rock stars. DRI made sure the process was easy and they were able to answer all questions that arose during. They were very easy to talk to and provided guidance every step of the way. I definitely will recommend DRI to others. They were great and made me feel at ease with the interview process.”