C.F. – Candidate

Katelynn and all the DRI team should be on the short list for those who are looking to recruit talent. They are genuinely committed to making both companies and candidates successful. Through clear and constant communication, Katelynn makes sure that everyone feels comfortable with the process and that deadlines are met.”

Scott Kelley, Vice President of Sales – Dorner Mfg. Corp.

“I had the opportunity to work with Katelynn on a search for a Regional Sales Manager role our organization was looking to fill. The experience with Katelynn and Direct Recruiters was a positive one. She was very professional and responsive and was able to identify a great slate of qualified candidates for this role in a short period of time. I would highly recommend Katelynn for hiring managers in need of qualified candidates. I look forward to working with her and the team at Direct Recruiters in the future.”

Eric Hutchison, Engineering Manager at Grote Company

“I had the opportunity to work with Katelynn for my current role after being in my previous role for many years. Katelynn was a pleasure to work with and very supportive for someone who hadn’t done this for many years. The videos and other guidance received along the way were extremely helpful. Katelynn is not only an expert on her client’s needs but also of the job markets for the roles she is filling. As a result, there was practically no negotiation necessary after receiving an offer.”

Tim Dunskis, Director, Strategic Partnerships at Packsize

“I had the pleasure to work with Katelynn and the team at DR on an opportunity that lead to the next phase in my career. Katelynn and the team took the time to review my experiences in detail and explain the value they believed I could bring to the hiring organization…and they to me. During the several month process, Katelynn and the team were very responsive and quick to admit when additional information was needed to answer a question. Thank you for the help Katelynn!”

Kevin Garben, Business Development Manager at Conductix-Wampfler

“Katelynn was great to work with! Her communication and responsiveness were excellent. She does a fantastic job of making sure the position was a good fit for me and I was a good fit for the position. Katelynn took the time to guide me through the process to make sure I was informed, prepared, and comfortable.”

Alex Ballinger, Candidate

Katelynn was an absolute delight to work with and was a superb teammate in helping me acquire the job of my dreams. She was very honest when it came to expectations and always took the time to help me prepare for interviews with informative follow-ups. She sincerely cared about my progress and took the time to really understand what I wanted.

I will continue to recommend Katelynn to friends, family, and colleagues and wish her the best as she continues to succeed in the recruitment business. I had an extremely positive experience with her and her team and can’t say enough about her dedication and persistence.

Mark Zaner, Candidate

Katelynn understands her clients’ needs and requirements. You can tell she really takes the time to find out what the profile is of the candidate they’re looking to fill a position. This came through when she initially reached out to me, described the position, and it matched perfectly to my background and abilities. Her professionalism and knowledge continued through the entire process as she guided me on what areas of concern might be and personalities of the interviewers so I could prepare. Her guidance helped immensely along with following up consistently and timely on both sides of the process making sure to keep the momentum going. I definitely was successful because of the work she put into the process and time spent with me.

Ralph McQuaid, Candidate

In the past I was reluctant to work with recruiters on career opportunities, honestly because I felt like I was strictly a commodity to most. But not Katelynn. Katelynn took the time to make sure the opportunity was a good fit for all involved. She got me detailed answers to my questions and in a timely manner. I’d get update calls even when there was not much to report; which if you’ve been there you know phone silence is a killer when you’re waiting for good news. I have the utmost of confidence in Katelynn’s abilities and commitment to her clients, on both sides. I have no problem referring her to friends and colleagues because I know she will do her best to place them in a position that is a good fit, not just what’s available to make a commission.

Thank you Katelynn for taking the time to listen to what I was actually looking for and coaching me through the process. I truly appreciate your efforts!