A.V., Candidate

“Ashley is a personable, hard working, attentive professional who cares about her candidates and the company she represents. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her and felt that she was the most helpful, understanding, and genuine recruiter I’ve ever met. Choosing the right company can be difficult whether you’re changing industries or bridging your experience toward a more rewarding and challenging role. Ashley understands that while handling the process with integrity and compassion. Her follow-up work is unmatched by anyone I’ve ever known and she brings positive energy to the experience. Most of all, I feel fortunate to have been represented by her because I landed a position that is an excellent fit for me with a great organization. I’m very happy with my decision. I highly recommend Ashley whether you’re looking for someone to find qualified candidates or looking to get your career on the right path. She is a rare find and will help you navigate your decision with confidence.”

J.G., Candidate

“Ashley contacted me in May of 2017 after seeing my LinkedIn profile. She arranged for me to interview for the rubber development chemist at American Roller Company. She communicated with the hiring manager every week and updated me regularly. I have since accepted the position with American Roller and have been very happy with the new opportunity. She has reached out to me several times since I have started the new job to see how I am doing. Ashley is very personable and I have enjoyed working with her. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking new employment opportunities.”

J.H., Candidate

Five Star Recommendation

In the spring of 2017, Ashley contacted me on behalf of American Roller & Plasma Coatings regarding an open Account Manager position for the Ohio/W. PA/ N. WV territory. I’m not one to generally listen to anyone who calls me unsolicited but I’m glad that I chose to hear what Ashley had to say. At the time, I wasn’t looking for a new position at a new company; but, she reviewed the details of the position with me [despite my initial reluctance to listen] to help me make a well educated decision about applying for the position. After careful thought, I decided that the benefits outweighed the potential risks and I ended up applying for the position at American Roller through Direct Recruiters. Ashley helped me to revise my resume/cover letter and coached me on my phone interview skills. She provided excellent advice throughout the interviews and hiring process without over-selling my skills to American Roller or over-selling the position to me. Ashley even invited me stop by their office in Solon, OH to get some direct coaching from one of their other associates who is more familiar with my specific industry (which I took her up on). Ashley directly facilitated my employment at American Roller and my family and I are extremely grateful for everything she has done for us. She even calls me occasionally to see if I’m still happy with my decision to take the position.

For employers: I work in a small/’niche’ industry (Industrial Rollers / Web Processing) that requires specific knowledge to even be considered for a position and Ashley was extremely good at discovering and contacting the “right people” who had the right skill set. Most of my colleagues (and some competitors I know) had been contacted about my current position by Ashley. She did an excellent job at clearly describing the expectations, benefits, and responsibilities of the position I was hired for and asked all the right (and sometimes difficult) questions. I’d like to think that American Roller is also grateful for Ashley’s diligence in truly seeking the best qualified candidates for the position (and not just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks); but, that’s a question for my manager…

In short: if Ashley contacts you, I definitely recommend hearing what she has to say. She’s one of the great ones in my book.

Kelly Shillito, COO – C.L. Smith Company

“Working with Direct Recruiters exceeded my expectations. When looking for a search firm, the number one priority for us is to find a firm who thoroughly vets out candidates and asks detailed questions to candidates prior to sending them over to me. While they did a great job vetting out the candidates, Direct Recruiters also caught our eye with a unique program they have in Direct Retention. Having a guarantee that was more than 60 to 90 days to ensure we made the best hire was very appealing to us. I would absolutely recommend Direct Recruiters and Direct Retention for high level searches because of their exceptional follow-through, good flow of quality candidates, and they are very thorough. David and Ashley at Direct Recruiters were fabulous and I really enjoyed the experience working with them.”

D.A., Candidate

“I had the great fortune to have Ashley call me about an opportunity, which turned out to be just what I was seeking. It was evident that Ashley knew what her client was looking for and how to approach potential candidates with a very personable touch. Throughout the process, Ashley always communicated the status and the next steps. Ashley has the gift of being very positive and pleasant to talk to, and makes sure you’re comfortable and confident in your job search. Ashley made the recruiting experience very positive and I would recommend her services to anyone.”

D.D., Candidate

“Ashley Gannon called me about a position that Direct Recruiters was hired for the first time by my current employer. Having never done business together I imagine landing the right person for the role would be instrumental in future business. The position required a lateral move by title to a competitor, a relocation for my family 12 hours away from the only place my family has ever lived in our lives and it was not in a very desirable weather destination city. Still, she convinced me to consider it further, take the phone and face-to-face interviews and it turned out to be the best career decision I could have made. She was instrumental to say the least. Ashley walked me through the entire process giving guidance and stayed active as a sounding board in all phases of this transition. Ashley takes initiative and refuses to wait for something to crumble. She actively seeks feedback, asks the right questions at every juncture and maintains a level of communication that is both comforting and not overbearing. She is easy to talk to and work with and I would highly recommend other professionals to reach out to her now as a connection and certainly while job seeking in the future.”