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Andrew Spaner joins the Direct Recruiters Healthcare IT recruiting team as Project Manager. With 10 years’ experience as a Data Scientist himself, Andrew brings his expertise in the field as he specializes in placing talented candidates into Healthcare Data Science roles.

Andrew’s previous experience in data science involved working in the pharmacy benefit management industry; specifically workers’ compensation where he developed models to predict long-term pharmacy activity for claimants by analyzing the first 4-6 months of their claims. He has an MBA from Franklin University and a BS in Mathematics from Kent State University.

Andrew loves hockey and is a USA Hockey referee, spending time outside of his work at DRI to referee all age groups from PeeWee to Adult League. Andrew loves family, including his parents and beautiful daughter.  He loves his daughter more than anything in the world, and she is his reason for trying to be a better person.

Contact Andrew Spaner: 440-996-0877

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E.P. – Candidate

“Andrew helped me during my job search to obtain multiple offers. Why would you want to work with this guy? I’ll tell you. If you want to feel like you’re dealing with a down-to-earth human being: talk to Andrew. If…

M.A. – Candidate

“I have had the pleasure of speaking with Andrew multiple times. He is a unique recruiter who has an extensive experience in healthcare sector. As a former data scientist, Andrew has an outstanding ability to match candidates’ skills and past…

R.D. – Candidate

“I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Andrew couple of times, and of all the recruiters I’ve talked to I’ve never met someone who leads conversations with empathy than him. He took time to get to know me and my…

B.O. – Candidate

“If you’re a Data Scientist thinking about a new job, you’ll be grateful to have Andrew in your corner. He listens carefully, thoughtfully selects opportunities to pursue, and coaches you through the interview process. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious…