Benefits of Giving Back as an Organization

September 21, 2016

By Danielle Ketterer, Operations Assistant

With the holidays approaching over the next few months, we always look for ways to help out in the community. Whether it is donating money to a charity or volunteering time packing lunches or serving food. We like to spend time giving to those in need, not only around the holidays, but throughout the entire year. Whatever way an organization decides to give back to those who are less fortunate, there are external and internal benefits for a company.

Direct Recruiters is great at participating in events and charities throughout the year. We usually do about 1-2 events per quarter that our employees enjoy taking part in. Our employees like to take the time together to do what we can to help others. This is just one of the many things that makes Direct Recruiters a great place to work. To name a few events we take part in, Kick-It for Cancer is a kickball tournament that raises money for children’s cancer research and the Heart Walk that is put on by the American Heart Association. As we think about more ways to take part in these types of events, we can only think about how we are helping others and in the process, helping our company as well.

When job candidates are looking for a new job, they take into consideration numerous factors. They want to make sure that they are making a move to a reputable company that is respected in the community. Organizations that are socially responsible are more attractive to potential future employees. If a company is building good relationships in the community, that jobseeker is going to hear good things about the company. If employees feel good about their company and enjoy working for a good organization, those feelings are going to show to others in the industry as well.

Another benefit of doing charitable events is bringing your organization together. What makes a company great to work for is employee morale. As a company, you want your employees to feel great about where they work. You build strong connections with your employees when you go beyond your normal work day. Increasing morale increases overall productivity. You want to differentiate yourself in the market and this is one way to achieve that. Being unique keeps employees and customers loyal to your company. Social responsible companies have a competitive edge over those that are not.

Getting out in the community also helps for networking. You might be standing next to someone at a soup kitchen that could add value to your organization and vice versa. Meeting people in your local area will help get the name of your company known and you can help others that you meet along the way.

So as we get closer to that time of year where it is all about giving, take a second to think about what your company can do to get out and lend an extra hand. There is always something to be done and people are always looking for help.

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