Direct Retention by DRI is disrupting the search industry with its Money-Back Guaranteed Retained Search. Specifically designed for small and medium size companies, Direct Retention focuses on acquiring, assessing, delivering, and retaining Senior Level Executives and other key professionals with low risk.

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DRI’s commitment to excellence, performance, quality, and results is why we are known as the essential provider of executive search services within the niche industries we serve.

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  • Salary History: What you can & can’t ask based on recent changes in laws across the country

    November 14, 2017 Throughout the recruiting process, there are countless questions aimed towards finding out whether job candidates will be a fit for the company. A common topic recruiters and employers bring up when vetting jobseekers is salary. While this… […]

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  • Norm Volsky Interviews Brenda Schmidt, Founder & CEO at Solera Health

    November 13, 2017 Brenda Schmidt, Founder/CEO of Solera Health, recently spoke with Norm Volsky, Director of Mobile Healthcare IT about her company, goals, trends in the HIT industry, and much more as a part of our Thought Leader Interview series.… […]

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  • The Case for Unlimited PTO by Matthew Cohen

    October 25, 2017 By Matthew Cohen, Practice Leader – Energy & Sustainability and HVAC/R As a recruiter, I routinely manage the expectations candidates during the offer stage of their interview process. Recently, the most negotiated piece of the offers I… […]

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