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DRI’s commitment to excellence, performance, quality, and results is why we are known as the essential provider or executive search services within the niche industries we serve.

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  • dinner-etiquette

    8 Etiquette Tips for Dinner or Lunch Interviews

    November 2, 2016 By Nicole Dauria, Executive Recruiter So you have been asked to a lunch or dinner interview… One of the major reasons a future employer will ask you to a lunch or dinner interview is if the position… […]

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  • pexels-photo-133021-medium

    7 Hiring Strategies During Talent Crunch by Jason Herbert & Cherie Shepard

    November 1, 2016 In 2016, hiring managers have found it very challenging when trying to recruit the right candidates. It’s been tough since we face a talent shortage in our industry…the demand is greater than the supply. And no matter the size or location… […]

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  • interview-time-pic

    5 Ways to Ruin an Interview Without Being Late

    October 19, 2016 By Jessica Ondo, Recruiter, Direct Consulting Associates Talking too much Interviews are two sided, an opportunity for the employer to asses potential candidates and for potential candidates to asses potential employers.  Quite often, the positive feedback we… […]

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